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With The World of Hans Zimmer A Symphonic Celebration 

I am blessed to be touring this year as one of the featured soloists with "The World of Hans Zimmer",

another project based on the surprisingly versatile film-music of iconic genius Hans Zimmer...  

I feel honored to be part of this completely different musical experience,

playing new extraordinary--more symphonic--versions of Hans' powerful, unmistakable music.


I am playing winds: flute, Armenian Duduks, Chinese Flute, Irish whistles, Bs. Flute,

as well as unique instruments (built by your truly): Indian 'King' Bansuri, World-Music flute Heads in Boehm flute body, 

and Sylphyo (Electronic digital) multi-sensory MIDI wind controller.


I am also representing & honoring my beloved--yet painfully challenged--Venezuela, my country of origin, 

by playing both Venezuelan Cuatro & "Cul'e Puya", (an Afro-Venezuelan drum).



Special thanks to Hans Zimmer, Steve Kofsky, Sandra Tomek (Tomek Productions), Christoph Scholz (Semmel),

and the magnificent (both humanly & musically) band of solo musicians.


Also thanks "beyond" to:

PointSource Audio's Yvonne Ho for the extraordinary CR-8D Flute microphone,

Mr Manvel & Mher Mnatsakanyan of Nurwind Duduks & reeds,

Aodyo's Ludovic Potier, Laurent Pouillard, & Jonathan Aceituno for the amazing Sylphyo MIDI controller


Finally, I would like to both thank & give all glory to the Creator,

for allowing & equipping me to publicly exercise "the purpose for which I was created"!


May God bless you all!!


© 2022 by Semmel Concerts Entertainment GmbH

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