Petros GlobalTronix

Adding yet a new direction: wind synthesis!.

(Not many know that I have been dealing with electronic music for 40 years!)

I play the Sylphyo (MIDI wind controller) in both "The World of Hans Zimmer" 

"Game of Thrones - The Live Music Experience" 2017-2018 world tours

and also  Lyricons (analog vintage wind controllers) with"Hans Zimmer Live" 2017world tour.


Below are other projects where these are heavily featured as well...

EP-PE One is my latest musical project of 2018. It is a completely improvised concert in duo with genius keyboardist/sound designer extraordinaire Eric Persing. We had never--ever!--played together before this... 


We credit The Author of all creativity for the result…  Enjoy!

Another duet, this time with brilliant Chilean composer Juan Covarrubias...

He composed the basic track & we both "jammed" over it...

Once again, everything was completely improvised!!...

Hope you like it!!

Right after NAMM 2018 I met with Kazike, of the remarkable Moog-like modular analog synths 'Club of The Knobs', thanks to our mutual friend John L. Rice... We met at LOLA Studios in Hollywood--thanks to Mr. Wynton!-- and played his twin huge modular analog modular systems there. I was blown away by their sound!! ...My reactions in the video say it all!!... Thanks also to Kazike's wife for making the video, & to David O'Brien for resurrecting the amazing Lyricon Wind Driver:)...

These COTK machines SOUND BEYOND FANTASTIC! ...God bless you all!!

I'm jamming here at NAMM 2018 with Alex Anderson, AKA "Nasty Nachos" and Matt Tanner of WMD. I played their amazing Synchrodyne, the very same I used on Hans Zimmer's "Wonder Woman" during his last World Tour. An amazing sonic masterpiece!

The fantastic Lyricon Wind Driver is by David O'Brien

"ONE" is our first song.

Composed, arranged, produced by Benny Terán and Petros GT,

coordinated and co-produced by Gustavo Eustache Soteldo

--Madrid, Spain, 2015--

@2020 by Gynook Productions.