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Petros GlobalTronix

Adding yet a new direction: wind synthesis!.

(Not many know that I have been dealing with electronic music for 40 years!)

I play the Sylphyo (MIDI wind controller) in both "The World of Hans Zimmer" 

"Game of Thrones - The Live Music Experience" 2017-2018 world tours

and also  Lyricons (analog vintage wind controllers) with"Hans Zimmer Live" 2017world tour.


Below are other projects where these are heavily featured as well...

EP-PE One is my latest musical project of 2018. It is a completely improvised concert in duo with genius keyboardist/sound designer extraordinaire Eric Persing. We had never--ever!--played together before this... 


We credit The Author of all creativity for the result…  Enjoy!

Another duet, this time with brilliant Chilean composer Juan Covarrubias...

He composed the basic track & we both "jammed" over it...

Once again, everything was completely improvised!!...

Hope you like it!!

Right after NAMM 2018 I met with Kazike, of the remarkable Moog-like modular analog synths 'Club of The Knobs', thanks to our mutual friend John L. Rice... We met at LOLA Studios in Hollywood--thanks to Mr. Wynton!-- and played his twin huge modular analog modular systems there. I was blown away by their sound!! ...My reactions in the video say it all!!... Thanks also to Kazike's wife for making the video, & to David O'Brien for resurrecting the amazing Lyricon Wind Driver:)...

These COTK machines SOUND BEYOND FANTASTIC! ...God bless you all!!

I'm jamming here at NAMM 2018 with Alex Anderson, AKA "Nasty Nachos" and Matt Tanner of WMD. I played their amazing Synchrodyne, the very same I used on Hans Zimmer's "Wonder Woman" during his last World Tour. An amazing sonic masterpiece!

The fantastic Lyricon Wind Driver is by David O'Brien

Pedro Eustache_Pic_by_AndrésJiménez_0024

"ONE" is our first song.

Composed, arranged, produced by Benny Terán and Petros GT,

coordinated and co-produced by Gustavo Eustache Soteldo

--Madrid, Spain, 2015--

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